Crystal (Bottled Up Emotions / 10.30.2023)

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20 year old Crystal is a pretty blonde who’s ready to leave her hostess job for the fortunes of the porn world. Crystal seems cool, like I said she’s pretty and has a rockin’ body, but boy is she nervous. Like from jump street she is leery. I guess that’s a good way to be these days though. She’s really reserved during the interview, So Rick kinda speeds through this one, and before we all know it she’s standing there naked. She’s even got a nice little fur triangle. I think once Rick gets her out of those clothes she starts to loosen up a bit and maybe gets into her zone a little more. She doesn’t have any problem playin with the vibrator or putting in that buttplug. She really gets going when I get my dick in her mouth and I like watching those eyes while she’s sucking me. Next it’s time for her to run the gauntlet. She does a great job taking it in her pussy, and we do doggy style on the floor, she rides me on the couch before some side spoon and missionary. She leaves some scratches my back so I think she’s getting into it. We practice a quick deep throat before she gets all nervous again for the anal. She def didn’t think she’d be doing buttstuff today because she’s super worried about making a mess. Don’t worry girl we gonna take care of you. So we give her a little test removing the buttplug and I get about three fingers deep in her ass before we figure she’s ready to go. Idk what she’s so nervous about she’s just fine, she takes the cock great, and it’s nice and tight. Now personally I thought this girl was super hot, but she looked way better with my cock in her ass. After some buttfucking around the office and a nice chair gape I blow my load all over her face. I don’t think she’s used to facials, and I did accidentally get some in her eye. I try to help by cleaning some of it off her eyes, but we keep the majority on her face. After finding out she isn’t getting paid, she dresses pretty quickly and out the door she goes, cum on her face and all.

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