EX CO GI Autumn

The face of an angel and the sex drive of a street whore, 19 year old Autumn is exactly what the doctor prescribed. Supposedly without a boyfriend for 2 years (yeah right!), Autumn doesn’t mind that in addition to getting paid for her first b/g shoot, she also gets to play with TC’s big cock. She admits to being nervous, and even says this whole porno thing is awkward. That’s ok, she’ll get used to it (*see notes at the end*. But she does seem pretty excited about sucking and fucking some strange dick for a change. In fact, getting fucked hard today seems to be just as important as making rent. Autumn likes older men – like, 40s and up. TC doesn’t quite scratch that but he undoubtedly leaves our blonde petite doll wanting for nothing at the end of this shoot. One thing we gotta point out: Autumn’s face is probably among the prettiest of the entire year. But apparently she used to be an ugly duckling (ok, fat teenager) when she was younger, because there are quite a few stretchmarks all over her body. Not just around her stomach, like an ex-preggo would, but other places too that tell us that her beauty is something she has only recently been blessed with, at least in regards to her body.