ExCoGi – Sidney

Oh my – hey there, boobs. 18 year old Sidney has amazing fun bags and an even more amazing cock-loving personality. What else can we say about her? Well, for one we are fucking late putting her video up. We shot this scene – Sidney’s very first foray into porn – a couple of months ago. By the time she’s up on ExCoGi (today), we’ve already spotted her sweet dick-sucking lips sucking the jizz out of our friends over at Amateur Allure. So if you, like we, wondered if this girl will do any more porn, the answer is a resounding YES.
And why wouldn’t she? Sidney is young, curvy, and a hell of a lot of fun. She loves cock, cum, and the attention that comes withe the jizz biz. She just really gets into the sex and you know we love girls who just enjoy their time with us. TC utilizes every trick in his arsenal to get as many hot shots of Sidney sucking and fucking his cock as possible.

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