Rika Fane – She Knows What I Need / 10.26.2023


When Rika Fane decides to rock out wearing just a leather lingerie set, she knows exactly what she’s asking for from Nick Ross. When Nick lays eyes on his hot girlfriend swaying in total abandon, his arousal is instant. Coming up behind Rika, he takes her in his arms and lets his hands and mouth roam the softness of her skin. Helping Rika up onto the counter, Nick really gets to work. Kissing from her neck down, Nick finds Rika’s nipples nice and hard when he relieves her of her bra. When Rika’s thong is pulled aside, Nick sees that she’s also nice and wet, presenting a lush feast for his tongue and a slippery glove for his fingers. Not to be outdone, Rika rolls onto her stomach. The position on the island puts her face right at the same height as Nick’s hardon. Closing her eyes in delight, she strokes and sucks as she indulges in her love’s musk. When she’s finally had enough, Rika gets to her feet and leans over the island so Nick can fuck her from behind. Taking things to the couch, the couple comes back together when Rika sits on the couch and takes Nick between her thighs. He slides nice and deep, filling that landing strip twat to the brim. When Rika has come apart with breathy moans, Nick replaces her on the couch so she can ride him first in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. Rika still has the energy for one last position, so she gets on her knees on the couch. Her doggy pussy pounding gets her one last big O, leaving her nearly satisfied. The only thing she still desires is Nick’s cum shot all over her face and tits, a reward he’s happy to deliver.

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