Sexart Full – Love at First Sight


Love at First Sight

The value and virtues of extended foreplay cannot be underestimated or undervalued. But there are times in life when the laws of attraction come into play and render extensive sexual preliminaries unnecessary. Such is the case in Andrej Lupin’s “Love at First Sight.” Thomas Lee, a waiter by profession, is enjoying a cigarette break when the stunning Silvie Deluxe strides into view. Just one look is all it takes, and Lee falls fast and hard. As luck would have it, Ms. Deluxe is headed to the bistro where Mr. Lee works. Flustered and flabbergasted by Silvie’s beauty the server is suddenly clumsy — first he spills her wine, then he knocks a glass of water into her lap. But the laws of instantaneous attraction are in full effect and without speaking a word the couple know exactly what will happen next. The table is unceremoniously cleared and “Love at First Sight” explodes into passionate lust.