SexArt HD Snow Fun IV – Good Morning


Snow Fun IV – Good Morning

Director Andrej Lupin’s “Snow Fun” series reaches its forth installment with “Good Morning.” As the vacationing friends gather for breakfast, one member of the party — redhead Terry Sullivan — has chosen to sleep in. Matt Ice is tasked with summoning her to the morning meal, but after he’s had a glimpse of her totally nude body he has a change of heart. It doesn’t take much of Matt’s enthusiastic oral attention before Terry is wide awake and moaning with unrestrained delight. Primed by his teasing tongue and probing fingers Sullivan returns the favor with a spirited session of sucking. With the insertion of a bejeweled stainless steel plug in Sullivan’s back passage the action accelerates rapidly, and the impromptu lovers share a vocal and heated bout of sunrise sex that leaves them both spent and panting. When the tardy twosome finally arrive at the breakfast table smiles of welcome are joined by a raised eyebrow and a suspicious glance or two, adding a bit of romantic intrigue to “Good Morning,” and a hint of erotic adventures to come in future episodes of “Snow Fun.”

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