Swingers – Little Caprice – WeCumToYou – Munich

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First Swingers - Little Caprice - HD

So 🙂 this is the first video from our new serie, WeCumToYou.
As you know, we love to swing, and we are getting many offers from couples, who want to have sex with us… so we got this idea- we will travel, to visit couples all arround the world, and have sex with them! On the end of the video, we gonna give the final results to all the scene!!! The first couple was Lilli and Mark, they invite usto Munich, and its was a great for us, because they did organize everything, including location, cameraguy, etc… we had really fun with them, and they got many points from us!!!
Take a look, and give your points to this video in coments!!!
Xoxo Caprice